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A downloadable game for Windows

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Paper Boy has graduated from handing out newspapers to delivering Packages. Get a chance to work for the best Delivery Company in the World!

This game is still in development! So expect regular updates (1-2 a week).
You will encounter bugs, that's just how game development works when you're alone :P

Android version is in development, no ETA just yet.

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You have a limited time to fill your Van with packages, and your shift ends once the Van has reached the end of the Road.

You have  5 days of work, from Monday - Friday.

Each day is on a random map, at different times of day.

This is a Highscore based game, the better you perform the higher your score, the higher up you are on the leaderboard

Prove your capabilities by smashing as many doors, windows and garages as you can.

Make sure to be a good employee or you will lose precious points which will reflect on your score!
No Login required, just please don't spam the Leaderboard <3

What you get:

1.    Random Packages
2.    Random Houses
3.    Random Maps (Day, Sunset, Night)
4.    Online Leaderboard(s) *one is "hidden" ;)*
5.    Smashing things
6.    AAA Engine capabilities (more to come)
7.    In game Bug Reporting
8.    English and German Language support (more to come)
9.    Fun

Whats to come:

1.    Endless & Challenge Mode
2.    Android/Mac/Linux Version
3.    Steam (Once I made my first 100€ to pay for it)
4.    Twitch Integration (Chat can manipulate game)
5.    Original Soundtrack
6.    Customization
7.    More Packages
8.    More Houses
9.    More Maps
10.    More Languages :)
11.    Achievements
12.    Improved Smashing things
13.    More prettiness
14.    More Physics


Mouse1Interact (Pickup, Throw, Open Doors)
ESCIngame Menu


Join the Discord Server to share your scores or thoughts :)

Coming Soon(TM)

About me:

I'm only one dude who made the entire game from scratch.
I am looking to either get into a game development company or make enough money to afford my own life. Finding Game Dev work here in germany without proper degrees is really hard.
Support me and you will see many more awesome games come to life!

You want to help?

If you can make Music and have a fitting Idea for this game, let me know and I'll get in touch :)
If you want to help translate the game into your language, let me know and I'll send you a spreadsheet with all in game words/text.
If you have game improvement ideas, please use the ingame bug report system for that!

Pay 1$ or more to get the Supporter Edition, this will not give you much yet, but you will get a "Supporter" mark for the Online Leaderboards and my love <3 

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More awesome things will be added for Supporters soon


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Base Edition (32bit) 222 MB
Base Edition (64bit) 248 MB
Supporter Edition (32bit) 222 MB
if you pay $1.60 USD or more
Supporter Edition (64bit) 248 MB
if you pay $1.60 USD or more

Development log


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there you go! You deserve it for all the hard work you put into it, and for all the hard work to come with it!


Super neat game and I'm thrilled to see that you have so many extra plans to improve it! The maps were fun and the concept provides an amazing challenge that just makes me want to hit that top spot! Keep up the great work! 

Practically broke down the door. Good for a game still in developement


Gameplay Brazilian


Would love to have a co op mode where there would be traffic, 1 player drives the van avoiding the traffic and the other delivers. Just an idea. Loved the game nonetheless!


Made a vid! 

is it bad that my Microsoft edge says this game could harm my computer or is it just going cray-cray

IT'S GOING CRAY CRAY! But seriously though the same happen to me it's just windows being dumb.

yeah, it's pretty normal when downloading unknown .exe files. I can upload a zip later today if it makes you feel better :P


Made a video


This was pretty fun, I loved smashing windows and doors!

Such a fun game! I loved the idea of smashing windows!

(1 edit) (+1)

After  me playing for and hour and trying to get the highest score i did have something that really annoyed me.

1| throwing the boxes at the back of the van only for the one i just threw to bounce out or one that i had in there to be pushed out.

2|When ever i'm in the van making my rounds and try to pick up a box from the tower of boxes on your right or left you can't pick up the ones from the bottom or middle because they get stuck colliding with each other.

3| Change the color of the outlined targets because on white buildings you can barely see it.



we are still working things out.


Gave it a go...


i thought this game was awesome!! never ever played a game like this before! XD love the fact of throwing parcels through peoples windows and doors XD really awesome job on creating this! 

This was so much fun!! Definitely a lot of potential here!

Hey man,

I love that you enjoyed yourself! :D

I updated the game so it might be worth to check out again.
You had to login before to post to the leaderboard, that seemed to be bugged :D
I removed that now, so that you can just post without logging in!

I also added a tutorial :P

fun game in 2min then it gets the same thing over and over, a thing that could make this game greater would be speciel packages to special houses or something like that, but nice game 

Thanks for the feedback.

I'm actually working on that right now. Update will be up either tomorrow or later tonight.